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Wang Group Introduction

Our group focuses on the fundamental and application research at the interface of biological analytical chemistry, chemical biology, bioinorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and medicinal analytical chemistry. We endeavor to develop and establish modern instrumental separation and analytical methods, including mass spectrometry, NMR spectroscopy, HPLC, atomic spectrometry, etc. for studying the interactions of biological molecules and the molecular mechanisms of action of metal-based anticancer drugs.

The scope of our research expends in three major aspects: design and synthesis of multi-targeting anticancer drugs, biological evaluation and interactomic studies. The current research mainly focuses on the latter, that is developing new analytical methods, especially mass spectrometric methods, for investigation of interactions between metal-based anticancer complexes and biological targets, such as peptides, proteins and DNA, providing new insight into the molecular mechanism of anticancer agents. Our methodological studies also include the development of new methods for in vitro and in vivo screening of anticancer complexes. The ultimate goal of our research is to discover lead compounds and drug candidates for pre-clinic research and clinic trials.

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